Wapo – The public’s interest in climate change is waning

Wapo – Earth warmest in thousands of years? Controversy over new hockey stick

NYT – Pipeline Spills Stir New Criticism of Keystone Plan

WSJ – U.S. Oil Exports Get a Second Look 

Guardian – Poll asking voters about conspiracy theories reveals alarming beliefs – including 37% believing global warming to be a hoax

WSJ – Poll: Americans’ Top Conspiracy Theories, Revealed 

Bloomberg – EPA Proposes to Revise Industry Potentials for Global Warming Under Reporting Rule

NYT – Treatment Plant for Waste in Nuclear Cleanup Has Design Flaws, Panel Says

AP – Hanford Nuclear Waste Tanks Could Explode, Agency Warns


Wapo – World Bank chief says global warming threatens the planet and the poorest

Guardian – Climate change making extreme events worse in Australia – report

WSJ – Rio Tinto Seeks to Sell Australia Coal Stakes

NYT – Fatal Landslide Draws Attention to the Toll of Mining on Tibet

Vancouver Sun – B.C. Liberals set to announce five-year carbon tax freeze

Bloomberg – U.K. Steelmakers, Farms Agree to Boost Energy Efficiency


Wapo Jonathan Bernstein Column – President Obama should talk about climate change. A lot.

WSJ Oped – Merrill Matthews – About Those Tax Breaks for Big Oil . . . 

Wapo Ed Rogers Column – Voters are cool and the planet is too

Guardian Andrew Simms Column – UK rewards polluters and locks up people who want to save the planet

NYT Analysis – Matt Wald –  News Analysis: Emissions Rules Put Alternative-Fuel Vehicles in a Bind

NYT Ltr – Bob Fri – Invitation to a Dialogue: Action on the Climate


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