NYT – Climate Maverick to Quit NASA

Wapo – James Hansen, climate activist, is retiring from NASA

WSJ – As Big Drillers Move In, Safety Goes Up

Wapo – Will a new pipeline spill affect the administration’s Keystone XL decision?

WSJ – Pipeline in Spill to Be Dug Up 

Deep Sea News – Climate Change and Hurricanes, Good for Squid?

Reuters – Tesla expects first-quarter profits after strong demand for Model S


NYT – Air Pollution Linked to 1.2 Million Premature Deaths in China

Wapo – European industry flocks to U.S. to take advantage of cheaper gas

The Australian – Carbon tax will force jobs offshore: Rusal chief warns 

Guardian – Climate change and the curriculum: teachers share their views

FT – Russia gears up for shale boom


Daily Beast Opinion – Winthrop Roosevelt on the Oil Boom that Threatens His Great-Great-Grandfather’s Legacy 

WSJ – Oped – PATRICK JENEVEIN – Wind-Power Subsidies? No Thanks. 

WSJ Ed – A Tale of Two Oil Spills, Greens fret over pipeline leaks but are mute about train derailments.

IHT Column – CHRISTOPHER F. SCHUETZE- Canada’s Latest Climate Change

Daily Climate Opinion – Steve Pomerance – Natural gas – the “transition fuel”

Globe & Mail – Paul Heinbecker Column – It’s not just the drought treaty. Canada is vanishing from the United Nations


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