CBS Evening News – Great Lakes Drought has Ripple Effect on Auto Industry

Climate Central – From 2012 to 2013, March Blows Hot, Then Cold

ieee Spectrum – Residential Solar Power Heads Toward Grid Parity

Associated Press – Dust Storm Hastens Snowmelt in Idaho Mountains

Sun Sentinel – Moderate Drought Spreads Across Most of South Florida

Wapo – Will driverless cars solve our energy problems — or just create new ones?

NYT – Climate change might spell disaster for figs, fig wasp

24/7 Wall Street – 7 States Running Out Of Water

NYT – Oil Pipeline Ruptures in Arkansas

AP – Crews Clean up After Oil Pipe Ruptures in Arkansas

NYT – As OSHA Emphasizes Safety, Long-Term Health Risks Fester

AP – After 17 years, proposed $800M Wyoming power plant faces skepticism it’ll ever be built


Slate – Solar Power in Germany: How a Cloudy Country Became the World Leader in Solar Energy

Associated Press – Europe’s Freezing Easter and Global Warming

The Australian – Twenty-year Hiatus in Rising Temperatures has Climate Scientists Puzzled

Voice of America – Scientists say Climate Change, Dams Threaten Mekong Livelihoods

NYTimes – Cost of Environmental Damage in China Grows Rapidly Amid Industrialization

Smithsonian – Greenland’s Glaciers are Hemorrhaging Ice

Observer – A glorious winter, but the Alps face a warmer world – bringing huge change

Slate – Can You Have Too Much Solar Energy?

NYT – Short of Money, Egypt Sees Crisis on Fuel and Food

AP – With natural gas discoveries, Israel faces geopolitical tangle on its way to self-sufficiency


The Daily Beast – Eugene Linden – Climate Change is Here, Ready or Not. So What Now?

LiveScience – Marlene Cimons – Worst Allergy Season Ever?

Rockford Register Star (IL) – Pat Cunningham – Paradoxically, You Can Blame Global Warming for the Lingering Winter Weather

HuffPo Op-Ed – Bob Burnett – Keystone XL Pipeline: 3 Key Questions

HuffPo Op-Ed – Jamie Rappaport Clark – A Roadmap for Resilience: New Strategy is Serious about Adaptation

Wapo Ed – Stop the fossil-fuel subsidies

The Star Ledger Ed – FEMA’s climate change denial

Yomiuri Shimbun Ed – Solar power purchase price remains too high

Lexington Herald Leader Oped – Bob Inglis – 

Old plays won’t save coal but a carbon tax could

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Oped – Michael Vickerman – False picture on renewable energy

Telegraph –  Emily Gosden Column – Carbon levy will be a ‘stealth poll tax’ on energy 


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