WaPo – Obama Administration Moves Ahead with Sweeping Rules Requiring Cleaner Gasoline

Guardian – Americans Believe in Climate Change Risks but Won’t Pay to Fix Them – Survey

LATimes – Nobody is Delcaring Drough in California, But …

Austin American-Statesman – Drought Worsens in Central Texas, Threatening Water Supplies

Climate Central – Drought Has Stranglehold on West; Southeast See Relief


The Economist – Climate Science: A Sensitive Matter

NYTimes – Oil Giants Invest Heavily in Exploration Near Shetlands

New Scientist – Europe to be Battered by Sandy-Style Superstorms

 Climate Central – Two Key Climate Concepts Are ‘Misunderstood’ 

Climate Central – New Process May Make Renewable Energy Reliable at Last


NYTimes Editorial – Malicious Obstruction in the Senate

Climate Progress – Joe Romm – Cruz Gets Senate to Censor Innocuous Mention of ‘Changes of Climate’ in Resolution for International Women’s Day

NY Daily News Op-Ed – Ed Randell – Why Cuomo Must Seize the Moment on Hydrofracking

TriplePundit – IMF Recommends Ending Energy Subsidies to Fight Climate Change

HuffPo Op-Ed – Sierra Club’s Michael Brune – Who Needs Congress?


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