Climate Central – Climate Change is Increasing Seasonal Allergies

USAToday – How Climate Change Threatens Seas

Inside Climate News – With Drought Season Off to a Bad Start, Scientists Forecast Another Bleak Year

AP – Promises, Promises: Obama’s Campaign Pact with the People Contains IOUs that now come due

Seattle Times – Sen. Doug Ericksen says Governor’s Climate Change Bill not really about Climate Change


Guardian – Ecuador Auctions off Amazon to Chinese Oil Firms

WaPo – IMF: Want to Fight Climate Change? Get Rid of $1.9 Trillion in Energy Subsidies

Climate Central – Why the Globe Hasn’t Warmed Much for the Past Decade

NYTimes – Parks of Low Country are now Quake Country

U.S. News – Buzzkill? How Climate Change Could Eventually End Coffee


The Scientist – Michael Mann – My Life as a Target

NYTimes Op-Ed – Gail Collins – Colling on Warming

Quartz Op-Ed – Todd Woody – Forget Climate Change, Now we have to Worry about Fracking

Arizona Daily Start Ed – A Breakthrough Brings Balanced Rules for Fracking

HuffPo – William Becker – A National Security Pipe Dream, Part I


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