Wapo – The biggest fight over renewable energy is now in the states

Guardian – US shale gas to heat British homes within five years

Politico – Climate change activists’ hope springs eternal

Fox – How global warming is making allergies worse

Green Tech Media – Numbers From the War on State Renewables Standards

WSJ – DOT Proposes $1.7 Million Fine for Exxon Spill


Guardian – Scientists link frozen spring to dramatic Arctic sea ice loss

Telegraph – World faces decades of climate chaos, outgoing chief scientific adviser warns

Australian – Greens slam merger as symbolic retreat on climate change

FT – China improves low-carbon competitiveness

Bloomberg – Two Miles of Sea Covers Big Oil’s Next-Generation Field

Guardian – Easter eggs rated by palm oil use


NYT Oped – Nancy Folbre – Our Carbon, Our Climate, Our Cash

LAT – Jon Healey Column – Carbon tax? No thanks, says Senate 

CSM Oped – Charles Kennedy – Did climate change cause the Syrian uprising?

Grist Opinion – David Roberts – Can we shift to renewable energy? Yes. As to how … 

Huffpo Oped – Francis Beinecke – Senate Spurns Bid to Block Carbon Standards 


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