TOP STORIES: Weekend Edition 3.23-3.24


WSJ – Senate Votes to Back Keystone Pipeline 

Wapo – Senate backs Keystone Pipeline in bipartisan vote

WSJ – Senate Puts Carbon Tax on Back    Burner

The Hill – Carbon taxes spurned in Senate budget vote

Wapo – The losers of the latest budget deal:  the FBI, the rural poor, the environment

Wapo – What happens when natural gas is no longer dirt cheap?

NYT – Database Is Shut Down by NASA for a Review

The Nation – New policies for climate change

NBC News – Sequestration forces NASA to hold up educational and outreach efforts

LAT – Battery recycling plant in Vernon ordered to cut emissions

AP – Cities go dark for ‘Earth Hour’

LAT – Restart San Onofre without hearings? Edison may try

NYT – What Drought? Just Don’t Tread on Our Green Grass


AP – UN chief warns that nearly half the world could face a scarcity of water by 2030

Live Science – How will climate change affect the Himalayas? Scientists trek to find out. 

Guardian – Earth Hour: millions prepare to switch off the lights

Dow Jones – Shell Executive Managing Arctic Alaska Oil Program to Leave Company

AP – Germany’s Bosch to abandon solar energy business, says no way to make it competitive

WSJ – Russia and China in Major Natural-Gas Supply Pact 

Wapo – China may soon stop flooding the world with cheap solar panels

Al- Jazeera – Drought has India farmers drowning in debt

Fiji Times – Fiji commits to climate change fight

FT – Chinese ration license plates in effort to curb traffic congestion, air pollution


St. Louis Post Dispatch – Bill Lambrecht Column – Blunt drive to block future ‘carbon tax’ derailed

Guardian Oped – Christopher Shaw – What zombie films tell us about climate change: there’s no one happy ending Analysis –  Ucilia Wang – Where the money is in cleantech: oil and gas

Victoria Times Colonist – Les Leyne Column – Minister sells carbon tax in Oregon

Huffpo Oped – Tom Zeller – Earth Hour Is A Big Waste Of Time! Or, How Do You Solve A Problem Like Bjorn Lomborg? 

Washington Post Ed – A breakthrough on fracking

NYT Analysis – Elisabeth Rosenthal – Life After Oil and Gas

Oregonian Oped – Brenda Scearcy  – Climate change and groupthink, a sociological study

Canberra Times – Peter Martin Column – Study finds widespread ignorance about carbon tax


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