NPR – NOAA Predicts Warmer Than Normal Spring For Most Of U.S.

The Hill – GOP lawmaker wants Senate on record about carbon taxes

Wapo – Jewell nomination clears first Senate hurdle

E&E – In advance of McCarthy confirmation hearing, Crapo seeks constituents’ horror stories about agency

AP – Philly scientist awarded for climate change study

NPR – ‘Temperature Rising’: Will Climate Change Bring More Extreme Weather?

LAT – It’s official: Traffic pollution can cause asthma in children


WSJ – China Is Urged to Use Carbon Tax to Tackle Pollution 

Reuters – Climate needs less UN talking, more market action – EU draft

AFP – EU puts airline carbon tax on hold for a year

ANN – Pacific to suffer worst climate change impacts 

The Daily Climate – Seeding ocean with volcanic iron did little to lower CO2 – study

Guardian – Nations urged to combine environmental and development goals

Guardian – Thousands sign school climate change petition started by 15-year-old

IBT – Natural Disasters Are Hitting Harder, And Not Because Of Global Warming


WSJ Strassel Column – Obama’s Energy Security Trap

Social Science Research Network Analysis – Jonathan Adler – Conservative Principles for Environmental Reform

Guardian Oped – Dr Graciela Chichilnisky  – Real market forces now drive action on climate change

Huffpo Oped – Michael Northrup – Let’s Count the Ways Keystone Approval Helps Us: Memo From Houston

The Daily Climate Opinion – Marlene Cimons – Want economic growth? Make the wind tax credit permanent

Fox Opinion –  Phil Kerpen – Here comes Team Obama’s carbon tax


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