Reuters – Alberta Oil Sands Pipelines Opposed By Indigenous Groups In U.S. And Canada 

Propublica – Ernest Moniz’s Business Connections Draw Mixed Response From Environmentalists

Wapo – How to cut U.S. gasoline use in half by 2030

The Hill – Water infrastructure bill could hit Senate floor in April

AP – Pennsylvania: Pact Reached on Fuel Drilling

Milwaukee Journal Sent. – $275 million air pollution control project OK’d for coal plant

Bloomberg – ‘Tiny Tax’: The Best Worst Climate Fix You’ll Read About All Day

US News / Bloomberg  – Wet Spring Needed to Replenish Drought-Starved Soil in U.S.

LAT – Voters sour on bullet train


Reuters – Ending poverty hinges on tougher environmental goals: study

Bloomberg – EU Lawmaker Sees No Carbon Fix Compromise Before Vote

ABC – Radio Australia – World Bank puts climate change at the top of its agenda

Guardian – Suntech’s troubles cast a shadow over the green tech industry

NYT – Chinese Solar Panel Maker Falters as Prices Plunge – Global warming could cause goat populations to rocket

Guardian – German institute pulls out of Canadian tar sands project

Deutsche Welle – Europe still lagging on air quality


WSJ Ed – Cuomo’s Job-Depletion Plan, Higher taxes, 

higher minimum wage and no natural gas fracking.

WSJ Ed – The Justices unite against the trial bar and overzealous greens.

Guardian – Myles Allen Column – My response to the Mail on Sunday’s ‘great green con’ article

WSJ Oped – James Bovard: Rotten Tomatoes for a Billion-Dollar Farm Payout 


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