Wapo – Administration won’t trade ANWR drilling for clean energy fund

LAT – L.A. moves to eliminate reliance on coal-powered energy

LAT – Green jobs grow four times faster than others

WSJ – EPA Emissions Plan Faces Possible Revamp

Bloomberg – Green Groups Press EPA for Climate Rule Industry Loathes

NYT – Transocean Chief Admits Crew Shortcomings in Oil Spill

WSJ – Regulator Delays Action on Nuclear Plants

NYT – N.R.C. Votes for Upgrades to Some Reactor Vents

AP – Global Warming: U.S. Belief Reportedly Rises With Mixed Explanations 


Telegraph – ‘Fattest’ polar bears survive climate change

NYT – Protecting Their Own, Russians Offer an Alternative to the Cypriot Bank Tax

Dow Jones – Mexico Considers Opening Waters to International Oil Firms

NYT – Fukushima Blackout Hints at Plant’s Vulnerability


NYT – Eduardo Porter Column – A Model for Reducing Emissions

Forbes Oped – Mindy Lubber  – Protecting Renewable Portfolio Standards from Cynical Attacks

Guardian Oped – John Ashton – Removing climate change from the curriculum denies children the right to participate in the debate about their own future

Triple Pundit Oped – Andrew Burger – Reagan-Era Secretary of State Calls for Carbon Tax

Wapo Ed – Ken Cuccinelli’s airbrushed policies


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