USAT – Study: Climate change to worsen hurricane storm surge

Reuters – Warming temperatures could multiply Katrina-like hurricanes -study

LAT – Sen. Roy Blunt placing a hold on Obama’s EPA nominee

Wapo – Why the EPA might delay its carbon rules for power plants

WSJ – Shale Boom Alone Won’t Propel U.S. Industry

WaPost – Keystone XL heats up MA Senate primary

NYT – It’s Move It or Lose It in Path of a Nor’easter


Press Assn. – UK should use shale gas to cut emissions, report says

Guardian – Move to drop debate on climate change in schools faces backlash

AP – Chinese solar power firm defaults on debts

AP – Fukushima loses cooling power

Huffpo – Japan Cherry Blossoms 2013: Flowers Match Earliest Bloom Ever (PHOTOS) 

New Yorker – THE MINER’S DAUGHTER Gina Rinehart is Australia’s richest—and most controversial—billionaire.


NYT Opinionator – Stanley Fish – The Andes Chronicles: A Ban on Hydraulic Fracturing

Guardian Leo Hickman Column – Teachers should be given free rein to teach climate change in schools

Slate – Bad Astronomy – Phil Plait – No, Global Warming Has NOT Stopped

Grand Rapids Press Oped – George Heartwell – State should follow Grand Rapids’ lead on renewable energy

Van Couver Sun – Pete McMartin Column – Climate change deniers cherry-picking in a fruitless debate


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