Wapo – EPA likely to delay climate rules for new power plants

Wapo – EPA may delay proposed greenhouse gas limits for power plants

WSJ – Obama Makes Push on Advanced Vehicles

TIME – White House: Keystone XL Pipeline Not A Climate Change Cure

Guardian – Obama pitches clean-fuel car plan in Chicago but signals retreat on Keystone

Wapo – Obama’s energy visit involves oil policy jujitsu

Wapo – How the White House thinks about climate change, in 7 charts

The Hill – White House to use climate lens for big project reviews

The Hill – House to vote before Memorial Day on bill approving Keystone pipeline

Dow Jones – BP Can Bid for U.S. Gulf Oil Leases Despite Suspension

NYT – BP Appeals Spill Compensation Ruling

NYT – Days of Promise Fade for Ethanol

Reuters – Wildfires rage in Colorado as fears grow over continued drought

LAT – Colorado wildfire 45% contained, evacuation orders lifted

Wapo – Cars in the U.S. are more fuel-efficient than ever. Here’s why.


AP – Somalia Famine Partially Blamed On Climate Change In New Study

Guardian – Greenland government falls as voters send warning to mining companies

WSJ – China Environment Ministry Not Breathing Easy

UPI – China: Drought curbs water for millions

Air Quality News – ‘Substantial increase’ in air pollution from European shipping

Quartz – Does natural gas really cause less global warming than coal? We’re about to find out

Yonhap – Climate Change = Shorter Winter on Korean Peninsula

Clean Technica – UN Report: Human ‘Progress’ May Be Reversed By Climate Change

AP – Antarctica Tourism Damages Environment Of Pristine Land (PHOTOS)

Financial Times – Climate change threatens Neolithic art

Toronto Star – Climate change biggest challenge facing Libya, researchers say

Bloomberg – New Zealand’s Worst Drought in 30 Years May Cost NZ$2 Billion

Reuters – UN bodies want to tackle drought to avert food crisis


Wapo Ed – A lengthy weather report again affirms global warming

WSJ Ed – What’s in China’s Water? Of floating pigs and political change.

NYT Oped – LINCOLN P. BROWER and HOMERO ARIDJIS  – The Winter of the Monarch

NYT – Nocera Column- A Real Carbon   Solution

NYT – Krugman Blog – Everyday Externalities

FT Editorial – A levy on carbon is an idea whose time has come

WSJ Holman Jenkins Column – Bob Dudley: Three Years After the Spill, BP Gets Bullish

MoJo Opinion – Tim Murphy  -Climate Denier at CPAC: Trust Me, I’m an AstronautClimate Denier

NYT – Tom Friedman Column – It’s Lose-Lose vs. Win-Win-Win-Win-Win

Energy Collective Oped – Steve Seidel – China Eyes a Carbon Tax

Forbes Oped – William Pentland – Solar Power Soars in United States; Top 10 Solar Projects Under Construction


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