LAT – Study: Plankton’s absorption of CO2 higher than assumed

WSJ – A Science of Signs Of Spring

LAT – EPA threatens to sue fuel-storage facility in San Pedro

Oregon News 1130 – Oregon showing interest in BC’s carbon tax – U.S. Game Changing Renewable – Geothermal Power

AP – Colleges say federal cuts threaten future of science research in US, could cause brain drain


Times of India – Global warming effect on Antarctica, ice cover disappears from King George Island

Guardian –  Climate change cut from national curriculum for children up to 14

LAT – Irish priest says environment should be  Pope Francis’ No. 1 issue

SMH – Microbes thrive at ocean’s deepest spot

Reuters – Finnish islands case could determine EU green power rules

Bloomberg – Euroean Car-Efficiency Rule Would Reduce Fuel Bill by 25%

Reuters – Fuel efficiency law to get EU on road to growth: study


AZ Republic Oped – Celia L. Barotz & Art Babbott – Flagstaff takes proactive step vs. wildfires

Providence Journal Oped – Grant Smith – Fossil-fuel interests unfairly trash renewable energy

Triple Pundit Oped – RP Siegel – Solar Power to Hit Cost Parity Next Year

Tribune Review Ed – Hot, hot, hot? Not, not, not!

Another flawed global warming study

Herald, Scotland Ed. – Scottish renewable energy may not be indispensable

NYT Ltr – Oil Sands Emissions


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