Wapo – Obama and Keystone: Reading the tea leaves

The Hill – Obama: Pipeline decision coming soon

Wapo – Lawmakers unveil a choose-your-own-adventure carbon tax

Daily Beast – The Budget Wars Begin, With Paul Ryan Firing the First Volley

Philly Inq – Panel takes sobering look at future of the Shore

Wapo – What’s the best way to design a carbon tax? Lawmakers ask for suggestions.

Deseret News – Low-income households could be hit hardest by a carbon tax

USAT – The butterflies’ main food sources in Texas have been diminished by drought and wildfires.

NYT – Monarch Migration Plunges to Lowest Level in Decades

AFP – After 2012 drought, US farmers adapt for climate change

AP – 3 West renewable energy projects get green light


NYT – Chinese Solar Panel Maker on Financial Brink

WSJ – Greenland Votes to Get Tough on Investors

Grist- Solar power set to shine in 2013

Guardian – Car manufacturers ‘manipulating fuel efficiency tests’ says report


LAT Oped – Bill McKibben –  Immigration reform — for the climate

LAT Oped – William deBuys – Look no further than the aptly named Valley of the Sun to see the brutal new climate to come.

LAT Michael Hiltzik Column – Can California do without San Onofre?

Slate – Bad Astronomy Column – Phil Plait – The Earth Is Warming Faster Now Than It Has in 11,000 Years

FT Oped – Riccardo Puliti – Safeguarding nuclear’s role in Ukrainian energy


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