NYT – Lawmakers Release Carbon Emissions Tax Plan

E& E – Former Republican leaders on climate change are steering clear of the issue

The Hill – Dems launch series of climate change speeches to fight GOP ‘climate deniers’

Wapo – 350 Action backing Rep. Ed Markey to fill Kerry’s old Senate seat

The Hill – Obama: Climate-fueled drought presents export risks

CNN – Global warming brings on more pollen

NYT – Head of U.S. Nuclear Watchdog Emphasizes Preparing for Unknown


Independent – EU to suspend aviation carbon tax

Guardian – Lord Browne promises to invest ‘whatever it takes’ in UK fracking

NYT – An Energy Coup for Japan: ‘Flammable Ice’ 

Guardian – Japan becomes first nation to extract ‘frozen gas’ from seabed

Reuters – Norway’s Arctic idyll shivers at oil plans

FT – EU seeks binding emissions target debate


WSJ Ed – Drill, Barack, Drill

NYT Oped – Paul Arthur Berkman – Preventing an Arctic Cold War

The Hill Oped – Henry Waxman – Missing in action on climate change

The Hill Oped – John M. DeCicco – Renewable fuels: Due for a reality check

Hearst – Carolyn Lockhead Column – Battle lines forming on carbon tax

CSM Oped – William Gale – Carbon tax: A win-win for the economy and the environment 

WaTimes Paul Driessen Column –  Obama’s misguided carbon tax plans 

LAT – Michael J. Mishak Column – Labor, environmental groups protest changes to CEQA

The Guardian Oped –  Richard Schiffman – Two years on, America hasn’t learned lessons of Fukushima nuclear disaster


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