NYT – In Search of Energy Miracles

The Atlantic / Climate Desk – Climate Change: Even Worse Than We Feared

Bill – Global Warming Has Already Caused Unprecedented Change

WLRN – Climate Change Could Ruin Snorkeling And Fishing In Florida

Wapo – In U.S., nuclear energy loses momentum amid economic head winds, safety issues

Bloomberg – Nuclear Industry Withers in U.S. as Wind Pummels Prices

WSJ – Toyota’s U.S. Unit Forms PAC


AP  – Mineral riches uncovered by climate change at stake in Greenland election

ABC Science – Tuna and rainforests gain from climate change

Wapo – Will China ever get its pollution problem under control?

AP – China’s leaders promise cleaner environment but face economic, political obstacles

Discovery – Global Warming Pushing Trees North: The Evidence

Phys.Org – Study finds iron from glacial melting could help reduce global warming

Reuters – EU sulfur targets costly for UK shipping sector: report


SF Chron – China ahead of U.S. on climate change

WSJ – Ed – The Ethanol Gas-Pump Surcharge

NYT – David Brooks Column – The Axis of Ennui

National Review Online – Andrew Johnson – Commander Of U.S. Pacific Forces Says Global Warming Is Top Threat in Region

Guardian Oped – Antony Froggatt  – Nuclear reactor operators must be financially liable for disasters

Globe & Mail Oped – KEITH NEUMAN – Canadians are ready for a carbon tax. Is anyone listening?

FT Oped – Kandeh K Yumkella of UNIDO – How do we power Africa’s economic renaissance?


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