WSJ – U.S. Ethanol Mandate Puts Squeeze on Oil Refiners 

WSJ – Safety of Reactors in Dispute

AP – Hurricane Sandy-Ravaged Homes Selling At Bargain Prices

NYT – Man Who Helped Image of Wal-Mart Steps Down

Pittburgh Post Gazette – Economist warns of air pollution cost

AP – Al Gore Sued Over Current TV Sale To Al Jazeera 

Huffpo – Actor Ed Begley Jr.: Obama ‘Should Die In His Boots’ In Fight Against Climate Change (VIDEO)


Wapo – Can the world fight climate change and energy poverty at the same time?

Reuters – Evidence grows of rainforest resilience to global warming

Guardian – Indian coal power plants ‘kill 120,000 people a year’, says Greenpeace

Guardian – Ministers’ oil industry ties prop up high-carbon policy, report alleges

Guardian – No Dash for Gas campaigners set up anti-EDF website

Ottawa Citizen – Study finds climate change is making Arctic seasons more like south


NYT Ed – When to Say No

LAT George Skelton Column – Abuse pollutes state environmental law

WSJ Oped – Bjorn Lomborg – Green Cars Have a Dirty Little Secret 

Tribune Review Ed – A carbon tax? At our own peril

Salisbury Post Oped – Bruce la Rue – A chilly thought on climate change


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