USAT – Most Insurers not prepared for climate change

Bloomberg – Most Insurers Lack a Plan to Address Climate Change, Ceres Says

The Hill – DC snowstorm buries climate change hearing

NY Mag – Congress Needs to Stop Holding Climate-Change Hearings in the Winter

Inside Climate News – Keystone XL: US government report drew on analysis by oil consultants

Bloomberg – Investors Seek Ways to Profit From Global Warming

Portland Oregonian – What climate change means for agriculture

NYT – Coming Soon: Long-Delayed Decisions on Endangered Species

Climate Central – House Votes to Increase Weather Satellite Funding


Guardian – China’s new leadership faces growing environmental pressures

Guardian – Insurance only part of disaster resilience, says climate change panel

Business Green – Report: EU must retire carbon credits or see market credibility lost

AP – World conservation experts vote down US proposal to ban cross-border trade of polar bears

Guardian – Bid to halt polar bear trade fails

The Atlantic Cities – Climate Change: The Secret Inflamer of the Arab Spring


The Nation Ed – Integrity required in climate-change mitigation plans

Guardian Oped – Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed – Why food riots are likely to become the new normal

NYT Oped -David Bornstein- Crowdfunding clean energy

Reuters Analysis – Gerard Wynn – EU treads fine line in ending renewables support

Guardian Carrington Column – Polar bears: politics trumps precaution every time

Mail & Guardian Oped – Alex McNamara & Patrick Curran – Carbon tax will motivate change


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