Wapo – Blocking Keystone XL won’t save the climate, State Department analysis says

NYT – US Report Sees No Environmental Bar to Keystone Pipeline

USAT – Environmentalists diss State Dept.’s Keystone pipeline review

NPR – State Department Releases Keystone XL Environmental Report

Reuters – US State Dept says Keystone XL to have little impact on environment

PBS Newshour – Paul Solman Interview with Rob Stavins – Is Obama’s Climate Change Policy Doomed to Fail? Maybe Not. 

NYT – Q and A: The Angry Economist

LAT – Federal court upholds polar bear status as threatened species

Wapo – Railroads emerge as alternative to Keystone XL pipeline for moving oil sands from Canada

Guardian – Keystone XL pipeline report slammed by activists and scientists

LAT – Natural gas challenges coal as king of the energy hill in Ohio

NYT – A Snapshot of Drilling on a Park’s Margins

NYT – Drought Revives Interest in Reservoirs

Reuters – U.S. manufacturers say carbon tax could cut factory output


Guardian – Australia’s record-breaking hottest summer

Guardian – Bangladesh tackles climate change by fusing rice paddies with fish farms

Science Recorder – Researchers: Volcanic eruptions offset recent global warming

WSJ – Germany Debates Fracking

Guardian – On the frontline of Poland’s fracking rush

Herald Sun – AUSTRALIA’S record-breaking summer heatwave was made worse by climate change, the Climate Commission says.

Observer – Droughts and floods ‘will be common events in Britain’

The Independent – Government fights Europe over air pollution reduction 

NYT – Spill in China Underlines Environmental Concerns

Observer – We should spend more on energy, less on defence. And Centrica should say so

WSJ – Chen Kaige: Beijing Air Pollution Strangling Creativity


Guardian – Andrew Simms Column – Apocalypse? No. But unless we change tack, the planet is running out of time

Wash Times Ed – Kerry’s global warming crusade

Huffpo Oped – Carl Pope – The Key to Big Oil’s Sky-high Price Play: Keystone Export XL

NYT – Dot Earth Revkin – State Department Again Sees No Environmental Barriers to Keystone Pipeline

Wapo Editorial – Breaking the Logjam

NYT – Tom Friedman Column – The Scary Hidden Stressor

New Scientist Ed –  Wanted: A Bob Geldof for climate change 

Summit Daily Oped – Mark Udall – Time to combat effects of climate change, drought

DesMoines Reg. Oped – Brad Zaun – Iowans must prepare for prolonged drought


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