AP – GOP uses report to renew pipeline push

Wapo – Natural gas leaks come under scrutiny, raise questions on climate impact

LAT – Gov. Jerry Brown works to spread California’s green doctrine

Nat. Journal – Can Climate-Change Denier Ken Cuccinelli Win a Swing State?

Topeka Capital Journal – Officials: Snowstorms a mixed blessing, won’t alter long-term drought without rain


Telegraph –  Australia climate ‘on steroids’ after record-breaking summer

Pakistan Today – Global Warming effecting Pakistan as well: Former DG MET

NYT – Russia and U.S., in a Rare Instance of Cooperation, Join to Help Polar Bears

Wales Online – Flooding in Wales fuels worries over impact of climate change

WSJ – Energy’s Haves and Have-Nots

Bloomberg – China Carbon Tax May Spur U.S. Climate Debate, Trader Group Says

Guardian – UK needs ‘plan B’ for new nuclear power, say MPs


WSJ Ed – No More Keystone Excuses

Wapo Ed – How much is too much for BP?

Reuters Analysis – Gerard Wynn – Are we near peak biofuels?

FT Leslie Hook Column – China’s carbon tax: not so quick

LAT Geo. Skelton Column – Ugly numbers for state GOP


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