Guardian – Environmentalists still waiting for Obama to act on climate change

Bloomberg – Obama to Tackle Climate Change Soon, Advisor Says

Frontline – The Surprising Way Obama Is Trying to Tackle Climate Change

USAT – Why you should sweat climate change

Weather Channel – Global Warming: States Most and Least Affected in Winter

AP – DiNapoli withdraws DTE shareholder proposal

Bloomberg – Green-Jobs Survey Dies as U.S. Readies Sequestration Cuts

Wapo – Could a quiet sun cancel global warming?


Guardian – IPCC urges Obama to raise awareness of science behind climate change

NYT – Study of Ice Age Bolsters Carbon and Warming Link

Guardian – Loss of wild pollinators serious threat to crop yields, study finds

NYT – European Climate Official Urges Keystone XL Veto

Telegram – Province partners with IceCaps to tackle climate change

NYT – An Emblem for Puerto Rico’s Climate Fight

The Hindu – Carbon taxes will lead to heavy GDP losses, warns Economic Survey


Guardian Oped – Dylan Walsh – Is climate change linked to the spread of flu?

NYT Tim Egan Column – Science and Sensibility

WSJ Oped – David Deming – What the Oil Business Could Learn From the NRA

Calgary Herald – Stephen Ewart Column – Pressure building for carbon tax

Guardian Monbiot Column – EDF’s vengeful £5m No Dash for Gas lawsuit is corporate and PR suicide

Sawyer County Record James Richard Bailey Column – Leader of global warming awareness movement speaks in Hayward


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