Wapo – American Electric Power agrees to close 3 coal plants in emissions settlement

Nat. Journal – Nuclear Waste in the Age of Climate Change

Politico – Push to address climate change

The Hill – Lew: White House won’t propose carbon tax

Bloomberg – Investors Demand Climate-Risk Disclosure in 2013 Proxies

LAT – Greed caused BP’s gulf oil spill, lawyers argue

Guardian – Deepwater trial: US lawyers say BP ignored warnings on ‘well from hell’ | To respond:

NYT – The Ant, the Grasshopper and Electricity Prices in New England

Wapo – Virginia has a novel plan to replace the gas tax — but there’s a big flaw

NYT – The Mathematics of Climate Change


Reuters – Global warming may cause extremes by slowing “planetary waves”

WSJ – Canada Toughens Greenhouse Gas Rules

Bloomberg – European Coal Falls to 1-Month Low as German Minister Slams Use

Bloomberg – German 2014 Power Declines as European Coal, Emissions Drop


Wapo – Eugene Robinson Column – Obama has the power to act on global warming

NYT Ed – We Paid for the Research, So Let’s See It

WSJ Oped – JOEL KOTKIN – Low-tax, energy-rich regions in the heartland charge ahead as economies on both coasts sing the blues

Financial Times Opinion – Nick Butler – Is it time to turn gas into oil?

Denver Post Oped – Auden Schendler and Jeffrey York – Maybe Mayberry can help us solve climate change

Guardian – Monbiot Column – Will EDF become the Barbra Streisand of climate protest?


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