Nat. Journal – Senate Democrats Prepare to Defend Obama’s Climate-Change Rules

Nat. Journal – Who Is Ernest Moniz, Obama’s Likely Pick for Energy Secretary?

Nat Journal – 4 Things to Know About Gina McCarthy, Obama’s Pick to Head EPA

The Hill – Front-runner to lead EPA vows more action on climate change

The Hill – Poll: One-third say action on climate ‘essential’ this year

NYT – Unlocking the Conspiracy Mind-Set

Environmental Leader – Sequester Threatens Superfund, Air Pollution, Oil Spill Oversight

USAT – Drought forecast to persist, intensify in much of U.S.

LAT – Drought forecast to persist in much of U.S., especially the West


Guardian – 1.5C rise in temperature enough to start permafrost melt, scientists warn

Wapo – China may soon adopt a carbon tax. Will it make any difference?

Bloomberg – EU and China stumble towards solar trade war

Guardian – Dirty fossil fuel exports will come back to bite Australia


NYT Oped – VALERIE J. KARPLUS  – The Case for a Higher Gasoline Tax

The Atlantic Opinion – James Fallows – About That Chinese Carbon Tax

Forbes Oped – Tim Worstall – China Discusses A Nordhaus Carbon Tax Not A Stern One

Nat. Review Online Opinion – Mark Steyn – Score-Settled Science

The Economist Ed – Renewable energy in Scotland, Caution to the wind

MSN Opinion – Clifford Atiyeh  – Why Elon Musk is hurting the electric car debate


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