LAT – Activist investors put climate-change issue up for vote at bank

The Hill – Kerry comes out swinging on climate change

Guardian – Last Congress was most hostile to environmental causes, say activists

Reuters – Obama to name top EPA, Energy Department picks as early as this week

WaPo – Does the “less snow, more blizzards” global warming theory hold up in Washington, D.C.?

Politico – Koch World Reboots

The Hill – EPA sets renewable fuel standards, tackles fraud

MoJo – King Corn Mowed Down 2 Million Acres of Grassland in 5 Years Flat

Wapo – Biofuel rush wiping out America’s grasslands at fastest pace since the 1930s

LAT – Tesla posts revenue of $306 million, larger-than-expected loss


UPI – Study: Future sea level rise may be uneven

NYT – Iceland Looks to Export Power Bubbling From Below

Reuters – EU to register Chinese solar panels in move toward duties: sources

Santiago Times -Tides are changing to expand renewable energy options in Chile


NYT Oped – VIKAS BAJAJ – Taxing Carbon

The Economist Ed – Carbon trading, the first hurdle

St. Louis Post Dispatch Oped – Juli Viel – Where are we going with climate change?

Guardian Oped – Chris Paine – Electric cars: it’s a chicken and egg issue

NYT Oped – MARTIN BREUM and JORGEN CHEMNITZ  – No, Greenland Does Not Belong to China

Oil Oped – Jen Alic – Keystone XL: Celebrities Won’t Help the Cause

Huffpo Oped – Michael Northrup – Public to President: Reject Keystone 

Cincinnatti Inq Oped – Doug Bell  – Time to address global warming


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