AP Analysis – Dina Cappiello: Choices loom for Obama on climate change

LAT David Horsey Column – Even deadly meteors and asteroids may not unite the human race

Huffpo Oped – James Hansen – A Fork in the Road 

Montpelier Times Argus Ed – A carbon tax

Roll Call Oped – Col. Dan Nolan – Time for Congress to Address Climate Change

Daily Beast Oped – Mark Hertsgaard – Welcome to the Politics of Climate Change: Adapt and Avert

Guardian Oped – James Smith – We cannot afford not to have nuclear in our low-carbon energy mix

Kennedy School Oped – Rob Stavins – A Two-Way Street Between Academia and the Policy World


Wapo – Joe Nocera’s wrong: A carbon tax wouldn’t help Canada’s tar sands

WSJ -Deep-Water Oil’s Lasting Allure 

Wapo – BP agreement could cut oil spill fines

NYT – Battle Lines Drawn for BP’s Day in Court

Wapo – EPA official quits amid e-mail scrutiny

Wapo – Gas prices are on a mysterious climb

AP – Bill asks Kan. teachers to question climate change


NYT – European Parliament Approves Plan to Bolster Carbon Trading

Guardian – Emissions trading scheme: EU committee passes ‘rescue’ reforms

WSJ – Europe’s Emissions Plan Hits Turbulence

NYT – European Solar Importers Defend Chinese in Anti-Dumping Case

China Daily – China to introduce carbon tax

Pacific Standard – How the New Mad Max Movie Messed With Namibia


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