IBD Ed – Will Obama Trade A Carbon Tax For Keystone XL?

Oped News – Adnan Al-Daini – Global Warming: Doing Nothing or Very Little Is Not an Option

Wapo – Wemple Column – Tesla v. New York Times: More on that speedometer question

Huffpo Oped – Kevin Knobloch -Obama’s Climate Summons Is No Surprise 

Huffpo Oped – Philip Radford – America’s Environmental Future Starts Now 

Guardian Oped – Bernie Sanders – The best solution on climate change requires Congress to act

NYT Bob Semple Column – Unsolicited Advice for Sally Jewell

Florida Sun-Sentinel Oped – Jerry Karnas – Rubio doing climate change flip-flop

Nat Geo. Opinion – Dan Klotz – The Fight Against Climate Change Needs a Retrofit

Sierra Vista Herald Oped – H.G. “Dutch” Smittenaar – Does Arizona love air pollution?

Indianapolis Star – Forecasters worry about another drought in 2013


LAT – Clean-air chief seen as likely pick to head EPA

Wapo – Weather satellite gap, climate change among biggest threats facing Federal government

Wapo – Natural gas isn’t the only reason U.S. carbon emissions are falling

Guardian – Media campaign against windfarms funded by anonymous conservatives

WSJ – A Water Dispute Nears a Boil in Arizona

NYT – In New England, a Natural Gas Trap

Guardian – Tesla electric car row goes up a gear as New York Times journalist hits back

The Observer – Fracking is the only way to achieve Obama climate change goals, says senior scientist

BoGlobe – Boston prepares for climate change  effects

Reuters – Changing Climate Poses Unknown Threat To Water System

LAT – Fairbanks area, trying to stay warm, chokes on wood stove pollution

NYT – In Pipeline Choice, Obama Faces Problems Either Way

USAT – Thousands join D.C. climate change rally

Guardian – Keystone XL protesters pressure Obama on climate change promise

Philly Inq – Call for Christie to consider climate change in Shore rebuilding

NYT – Could Wind Power Cool New England’s Price Fever?


AFP – ‘Climate change hurting economy’

Guardian – Secret funding of climate sceptics is not restricted to the US

Guardian – EU urged to revive flagging emissions trading scheme

AP – Islands want U.N. to see climate as security threat

FT – Japanese air purifiers are big in China

Climate Central – Climate Change a Bigger Extinction Threat than Asteroids

The Observer – How the rock hyrax’s toilet habits left climate scientists a 55,000-year trail

Econ Times – What Beijing’s battle with air pollution tells us about China

CSM – Nissan Leaf hits the 50K mark, becomes world’s most popular electric car 

WSJ – EU Emissions Effort Hit 

Guardian – Filipino super-typhoon an ominous warning of climate change impact

Guardian – Wind turbines impact on balance and distribution of species

Guardian – Halve meat consumption, scientists urge rich world 

Reuters – German power market paralysed by subsidised renewables


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