Boston Globe Column – JULIETTE KAYYEM – Obama: The Master of Disaster

Inside Climate News Analysis – John H. Cushman Jr. – 

Obama Thin on Climate Promises, Tempering Hopes and Some Expectations

USAT Oped – Robert H. Nelson – God and  climate change

Globe & Mail Oped – Jamelle Bouie – Rubio’s response to Obama is a national joke. It’s also a tragedy 

NY Mag Opinion – Jonathan Chait – Marco Rubio Still Not a Scientist, Man

NYT Charles Blow Column – The Real Obama

The New Yorker Analysis – Ezra Klien – Who listens to a President?


CBS News – What to expect from Obama on climate change

The Hill – Obama and Murkowski back green  tech cash – with one huge difference

Guardian – Two-thirds of Americans want Obama to act on climate change, says poll

SF Chron – Boxer’s push is a twist on carbon tax

Wapo – Obama wants to double U.S. energy  efficiency by 2030. Is that possible?

NYT – Using Federal Oil Revenues to Cut  America’s Oil Use

Wapo – Activists arrested at White House protesting Keystone pipeline


Science Recorder – Satellite confirms controversial analysis of Arctic sea-ice volume; major ice loss revealed

NBC – Thick sea ice is disappearing from the Arctic, new satellite data show

NYT – Going With the Flow

Reuters – Thirty firms urge EU policymakers to save carbon market: letter

WSJ – Global wheat prices are close to bottoming out and may rise in coming months

Huffpo – Ozone Hole At Record Low: 2012 Data Shows Smallest Loss In Last Decade (PHOTO) 

NYT – Steep Challenges for a Chinese Eco-City

Times of India – Air pollution fifth leading cause of death in India: Study


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