NYT Ed – Mr. Cuomo’s Sandy Plan

Guardian Oped – Jenny Jones – Boris Johnson’s climate flippancy translates into policy failure

Omaha World Herald Ed – Beating heat, drought is enduring task

Guardian Oped – Andrew Simms – Can Obama’s fire and brimstone on climate change herald a new hope?

LAT Oped – Paul Whitefield – Forget global warming: We’re getting too lazy to reproduce


USAT – Report: Climate change could devastate agriculture

Wapo – Can Congress ever agree on climate change? An interview with Henry Waxman

LAT – Recovery on Staten Island might take years

AP – Feds warn global warming bringing big change to forests, including more wildfire and insects

Reuters – BP objects to $34 billion oil spill claims sought by states

Guardian – Alaska climate body hasn’t met since 2011, documents show

NYT – Study Slams Nuclear Waste Practices at Hanford


Press Assn –  Sooty air pollution increases chances of low birth-weight babies

Bloomberg – Eastern Europe Wind May Power 9 Million Homes by 2020, EWEA Says


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