Guardian Column – John Vidal – Delhi sustainable development summit highlights need for urgent action

WSJ – STEPHEN MOORE Column – Bird-Brained

Guardian Column – George Monbiot – The end of nuclear power? Careful what you wish for

Yahoo Finance Opinion – Peter Gleick – Renewable Energy, Climate Change, and the Difficulty of Major Transitions

Huffpo Oped – Rbt. Redford – You Can Move Washington, D.C. Forward on Climate Change


Reuters – Outgoing EPA chief convinced Obama serious on climate change

Nat. Journal – Super Bowl Blackout Could Energize a Debate on Power Grid

Daily Beast – Super Bowl Blackout Should Help Build Momentum for a Smart Grid

Wapo – What would a Republican energy policy look like? Ask Lisa Murkowski.

US News – Study: Global Warming Can Be Slowed By Working Less

WSJ – Gasoline Costs Hit Families’ Finances

Media Matters – Confronted With 97 Percent Of Climate Scientists, Fox Makes Up Stats (Video) 


The Hill – Biden vows climate change action in meeting with French president

Guardian – Australian politics cools off on climate change – even as the temperature rises

Guardian – Cameron pushes energy efficiency as motor of green growth

Wapo – Asian paper giant agrees to stop cutting Indonesia’s natural rainforests

Bloomberg – EU Carbon Gives Up Price Gains as Trading Jumps Near Session End


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