WSJ Ed – Planes, Trains and Bike Paths

SF Chron Oped – Janine Zacharia – Saudi Arabia focuses on renewable energy

WSJ Oped – Robert Byce – The Fish and Wildlife Service Is Not for the Birds 

LAT – Dan Turner Column – Al Gore’s sale to Big Oil not a blow to climate crusade

WSJ Oped – Sean Parnell – An Alaskan Challenge for ‘All of the Above’ Energy 

Salt Lake Trib Oped – Gerald Elias – Climate change: The next civil rights battle 

WaPo – Dana Milbank Column – With a friend like Jim Inhofe …

Boston Herald Ed – China, take EPA, please!

Poughkeepsie Journal Oped – Serafina Zeringo  – Young people have key role at environmental talks

Huffpo Oped – Tim Profeta – The Climate Post: Bacteria Surviving at High Altitudes Could Play a Role in Global Climate 


Guardian – US carbon emissions fall to lowest levels since 1994

NPR – Are We Losing The Race Against Climate Change?

Buzzfeed – Henry Waxman: Carbon Tax Is “Best Legislative Option”

Wapo – Energy secretary Steven Chu resigns

Wapo – Steven Chu steps down as energy secretary. So how did he do?

LAT – Climate change threatens wolverines; protections proposed

WSJ – Drought Drives Down Cattle Count 

Reuters – Keystone pipeline decision to languish until mid-June-US source

AP – Refining margins boost 4Q profit at Exxon Mobil

NYT – Colorado Communities Take On Fight Against Energy Land Leases

NYT –  A Town’s Environmental Debate on Drilling (Slideshow)

AP – Pa. reports air pollution from shale gas industry

LAT – Marmot researchers raise a toast for Groundhog Day

Topeka Capitol Journal – Drought-level rivers worry Westar Energy

Pioneer Press – Severe drought is damaging homes’ foundations across Minnesota


Guardian – Mali conflict with Islamists halts climate adaptation projects

Huffpo – Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2013 Explores Global Climate Change Challenges

NYT – A Cry of Frustration at Delhi’s Sustainable Summit

Guardian – Al Gore attacks George Osborne’s ‘short-sighted’ approach to climate

Fox – Report shows UN admitting solar activity may play significant role in global warming

Zee News – Global warming leading to extreme rainfall 

LAT – China entrepreneurs cash in on air pollution


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