KC Star Ed – United States should lead on climate change

WSJ Ed – Zero Dark Ethanol

SMH Ed – Business counting carbon tax

WaPo – Ed Rogers Column – It’s time for a reality check on global warming

CSJ Observatory – Curtis Brainerd – Media squander rare opportunity to localize climate coverage


Wapost – Fox News host: Climate change, gay rights not ‘really pressing issues’

NPR – On Climate Change, Americans May Trust Politics Above Preachers

Discovery – Climate Change Action Now Helps Win Elections: Poll

Reuters – In 2013, Drought Is Worsening In Midwest And Plains States, Despite U.S. Winter Weather

NYT – Is There a Green Side to the Super Bowl?

CSM – On battered Jersey shore, Sandy victims struggle with costs of climate change 

The Atlantic – Not Just Global Climate Change, But Regional Shifts

AP – After disasters, county struggles against drought

Reuters – Patriot Coal tries to limit retiree health benefits-court filing


Seattle Times – Coffee farmers struggle to adjust to climate change

LAT – World’s megacities may influence global weather 

Bloomberg – Germany Breaks Clean-Energy Taboo in Attack on Price Surge

WSJ – Germany Plans to Cap Renewable Subsidies

Australian Daily Telegraph – Carbon tax puts squeeze on business

FT – Fossil fuel dominance still frames R&D debate

AP –  Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars To Be Researched By Ford, Daimler And Nissan Partnership


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