TOP STORIES: Weekend Edition 1.26-27.2013


Wapo – Carter Eskew Column – The effects of climate change have arrived ahead of schedule 

WSJ – Dante Chinni Column – Politics Counts: The Real Split on Global Warming

Wapo – Ed Rogers Column – The World Bank should stay out of global warming politics

Think Progress Opinion – Bjorn Legacy: Lomborg Urges Climate Inaction With Misleading Stats In Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal

Wapo – Geo. FWill Column – Obama’s ideas on climate change will haunt Dems

NYT Analysis – Elisabeth Rosenthal – Your Biggest Carbon Sin May Be Air Travel

Wapo – Zachary A. Goldfarb Column – Obama’s daring liberal agenda is neither daring nor liberal. Discuss.

NYT Oped -MARK VANHOENACKER – Enjoying Snow, While We Still Have It

BoGlobe Oped – Richard K. Lester – In the war against climate change, look to the states

Philly Inq – Ed – Better days will return


McClatchy – Obama sounds strong on climate change, but what next?

WSJ – On Climate Change, Some Arguments Shift 

AP – Turning left: From climate change to women in combat, a liberal tilt for Obama in second term

NYT – Court Overturns E.P.A.’s Biofuels  Mandate

LAT – Despite drought, beef, pork exports to set records for value

AP – Drought cited in ethanol production suspension

NO Times Pic – New maps could be good news for many New Orleans-area flood-insurance customers

Guardian – Heat from North American cities causing warmer winters, study finds

Reuters – Big cities’ heat can change temperatures a continent away -U.S. study

NBC – ‘Bingo!’ Wasted energy from cities explains a global warming mystery

Daily Caller – Former GOP Rep. Bob Inglis pushes market-based climate-change idea

NYT – An Oil Boom Takes a Toll on Health Care

LAT – Oil spills after two barges strike Mississippi River bridge


The Independent – How the ‘Kochtopus’ stifled green debate 

LAT – China’s smog taints economy, health

Guardian – Climate change and quotas spark new fish wars with Iceland

FT – Global warming to benefit Russian fish stocks

Guardian – Brazil plans Amazon tree census to assess deforestation

Guardian – Could China and its fellow Brics nations lead the way on climate change?

Bloomberg – Fracking Comeback in U.K. as Browne Seeks Shale Bonanza: Energy

Reuters – Europe’s offshore wind installations fall behind target

Telegraph – How to earn money from electric car drivers

IHT – Europe’s Big Bet on EVs and Hybrids


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