Wapo Ed – Keystone XL is coming back

LAT – David Horsey Column – Obama’s inaugural speech provokes rattled Republicans

Bloomberg Opinion – Cass Sunstein – U.S. should act unilaterally on climate change

WSJ Oped – Bjorn Lomborg – Climate-Change Misdirection

Columbia Journalism Review Analysis – Curtis Brainard – Climate policy, act two

Toronto Star Oped – Josh Laughren  – Climate change has to be part of Keystone pipeline debate


CNN – Environmentalists want Obama to steer clear of Congress on climate change

ABC News – Jonathan Karl & Jay Carney Exchange – What Will Obama Do to Tackle Climate Change?

AP – Keystone XL Pipeline Decision Still Months Away

AP – Obama Is Urged to Approve Oil Pipeline

Scientific American – How Much Will Tar Sands Oil Add to Global Warming?

Daily Caller – Carney rejects carbon tax proposal

Smithsonian – Scientists Dismiss Geo-Engineering as a Global Warming Quick Fix

Bloomberg – Wheat Rises as Worst Drought Since 1930s Dust Bowl Era Persists


Reuters – Andean glaciers melting at ‘unprecedented’ rates

Reuters – China to cap total energy use at 4bln T coal equivalent by 2015

NYT – Why India’s Waste-to-Energy Industry Won’t Catch Fire

Guardian – Airlines ‘made billions in windfall profits’ from EU carbon tax

Bloomberg – Clean Fuels for Vehicles, Ships to Get EU Regulatory Push

NYT – Boeing’s Battery Problems Cast Doubt on Appraisal of New Technologies

FT – Nissan cuts price of all-electric Leaf


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