SF Chron – Obama remembers climate change

Guardian – D. Carrington Column – Can Obama make defeating climate change his legacy?

Newsday Oped – James Traub – Obama should seek climate-change deal with China

Philly Inq – Michael Yudell Column – Mr. President, use your bully pulpit on climate change!

Fort Dodge Messenger Ed – Carbon tax is not acceptable


Reuters – Nebraska governor OKs Keystone pipeline route, but US delays decision

Guardian – Obama under pressure after Nebraska governor signs off on Keystone XL

LAT – Obama signals new focus on climate change

Wapo – In inaugural address, Obama makes a moral case for action on climate change

NYT – Sea Level and the Limits of the Bathtub Analogy

NYT – An Early Nuclear Warning: Was It for Naught?

WSJ – U.S. Auto Makers Turn to Diesel


Guardian – China and Australia top list of ‘carbon bomb’ projects

Wapo – These 14 fossil-fuel projects could make our climate goals impossible

Guardian – Europe ‘has failed to learn from environmental disasters’

LAT – Big deal, little fanfare over global pact on mercury controls 

Bloomberg – Swiss-Re Sees $41.7 Billion Energy Losses Boosted by Renewables

China Daily – Patents crucial in charge toward new-energy cars


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