Bloomberg Ed – To Ease Drought on the Mississippi, Look Upstream

The Economist – Commentary – Wrapped in smog

Something in the air?

Guardian Leon Hickman Column – Boris Johnson says snow casts doubt on climate change science

Telegraph Oped – Boris Johnson – It’s snowing, and it really feels like the start of a mini ice age


NYT – Climate Change Given Prominence in Obama’s Address

Wapo – Can Obama tackle climate change in his second term?

LAT – Inauguration 2013: Obama addresses gays, compromise, climate change

NYT – Speech Gives Climate Goals Center Stage

AP – President Obama’s Climate Change Pledge In Second Inauguration Speech Tested By Keystone XL Pipeline 

Guardian – How serious is Barack Obama about climate change?

Politico – Joe Biden to climate activists: ‘Keep the faith’

CNN – CNN Poll: Do Americans agree with Obama on climate change and immigration?


Reuters – Curbing climate change will cost $700 billion a year – report

WSJ – Warning on Europe Carbon Permits

NYT – Temperature Rising: How High Could the Tide Go?

Independent – Davos call for $14trn ‘greening’ of global economy

Guardian – Mineral dust sprinkled in oceans could absorb vast amounts of carbon

The Independent – China plans emergency measures to control worsening air pollution

Reuters – EU carbon law hands airlines a windfall – study

Hindustan Times – State farmers hit as drought intensifies



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