Chi Sun Times – Obama’s missing priority: climate change 

The Economist  Ed – The new black, Soot is even worse for the climate than was previously thought

WSJ Ed – The EPA’s Stormy Weather

Wapo Oped – Naomi Oreskes – Mobilizing scientists on climate change

NYT Krugman Column – On the Non-equivalence of Greenhouse Gases and Entitlement Spending

LAT Oped – Mike Gatto – Lowering emissions, raising red flags

Grist David Roberts Column – The road forward from cap-and-trade 

Telegraph Geoffery Lean Column – Here’s something climate scientists got badly wrong 


NYT – Keeping the Boats Moving Along a Mississippi Dwindled by Drought

AP – PROMISES, PROMISES: A second-term president leavened by his curbed ambitions

AP – Keystone XL pipeline, climate change among second-term energy challenges for Obama

Guardian – US environmentalists challenged to get climate change laws through Congress

Huffington Post – Obama On Climate Change Faces High Expectations, And High Hurdles, In Second Term 

Rolling Stone – Obama’s Climate Challenge

Bloomberg – Energy Secretary Chu Said to Plan Departure From Cabinet

Wapo – As State Department nears completion of Keystone XL review, both sides dig in

The Hill – GOP governors, Canadian leader press Obama to approve Keystone pipeline


The Economist – Domestic laws, not a global treaty, are the way to fight global warming

3News – Australian heatwave is connected to climate change – IPCC

Irish Times – No such thing as climate change? Tell that to this guy

Guardian – Beijing is not the only Asian city with lethal air pollution

Speigel – Rising energy costs drive up forestry thievery


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