Wapo Ed – Chinese media open up about Beijing smog

WaPo James Downie Column – How gun control is another front in the far right’s war on science

San Antonio Express Rhone Resch Column – Falling

costs make sunny skies for U.S. solar industry

Forbes Oped – Kenneth Rapoza – First Solar, Now China Wind Power In Washington’s Crosshairs


Wapo – Salazar departure leaves ‘green’ posts vacant

Wapo – Where, exactly, is the Obama administration on climate change? 

Guardian – Ken Salazar leaves contested legacy as Obama’s interior secretary

Nat. Journal – Congress Feels the Heat on Idea of Carbon Tax

The Hill – Republicans: Keep carbon tax buried

WSJ – Letters Detail Objections to BP Settlement

Guardian – Peak oil theories ‘increasingly groundless’, says BP chief

Bloomberg – U.S. to Become Largest Liquid-Fuels Producer in 2013, BP Says

WSJ – Drought Stokes Texas Water Fights


UPI – Global warming opening up Russia’s Arctic oil

ABC Australia – Global warming to threaten Australian wildlife

Bloomberg –  Renewable-Power Plants Cost $1.9 Trillion Through 2018, Pew Says

Clean Technica – World’s First Renewable Energy Resources Atlas Goes Online


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