WSJ Ed – Beijing’s atrocious air makes the case for political reform

Toledo Blade Ed – Keep reducing mercury

Guardian – Kate Sheppard – The heat is on as the New York Times closes its environment desk

Slate Opinion – Phil Plait – Debunking the Denial: “16 Years of No Global Warming”

WSJ Oped – Roger Kimball – This Metamorphosis Will Require a Permit 

WaTimes Ed – Carbon tax mischief 

Sun Sentinel Chan Lowe Column – Real estate prices and global warming


Wapo – Federal climate report predicts spike in hot days for Washington, D.C. by mid-century

NYT – An Alarm in the Offing on Climate Change

WSJ – Alaska Melting, California Shivering 

Wapo – Final 2012 drought report shows corn harvest took hardest hit

NYT – Energy Industry Awaits U.S. Ruling on Prairie Chicken

NYT – 1st Part of Offshore Wind Power Line Moves Ahead

Grist – U.S. renewable investment drops in 2012 – but still hits second-highest level ever


NYT – Deep Under Antarctica, Looking for Signs of Life

Guardian – UK seeks to water down Arctic oil drilling proposals

LAT – China pledges to curb auto emissions 

AP – Beijing’s Smog Prompts Chinese Government To Be Unusually Transparent About Air Pollution

The Australian – For the latest on climate change, turn to your local real estate agent

Guardian – Clean energy investment fell 11% in 2012

BBC – UK tidal power has huge potential, say scientists


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