TOP STORIES: Weekend Edition 1.12-1.13


Wapo Ed – A sweltering planet’s agenda

Observer Ed – Now no one can deny that the world is getting warmer

Toledo Blade Ed – The clock on climate change 

LAT Postscript – Bill McKibben – The 5% climate solution

Pasadena Star News Steve Scauzillo Column – Climate change doesn’t have to be depressing

Rutland Herald Oped – Elizabeth Courtney – Seeking a wise and swift response to climate change 

Reuters Oped – Gerald Wynn – Global warming slows but beware complacency

WSJ Holman Jenkins Column –  Our ‘Hottest Year’ and Al Gore’s Epic Failure 

NYT Public Editor’s Journal – Margaret Sullivan – Keeping Environmental Reporting Strong Won’t Be Easy

Albany Times Union Oped – Yoko Ono – Imagine N.Y. without fracking

Guardian Oped – Caroline Lucas – David Cameron is irresponsible to omit climate change from his G8 priorities

Daily Beast – Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish – Covering Up Climate Change


Seattle Times – Seattle calculates how climate change will redraw its shores

AP – Cuomo greets findings of Hurricane Sandy commission

AP – Hurricane Sandy Relief Package Swells Aid For Past Disasters

NYT – As Texas Bakes in a Long Drought, Water Becomes a Focus for Legislators

NPR – From Corn Belt To Main Street: The Drought’s Far-Reaching Grasp

LAT – Freezing temperatures in Western states threaten crops

LAT – Winter freeze keeps citrus growers up at night

Wapo – Climate change is heating up the U.S., national report warns


Reuters – Impact of climate change hitting home, U.S. report finds

WSJ – U.S. Government Report Urges Action on Emissions

Guardian – Climate change set to make America hotter, drier and more disaster-prone

Bloomberg – Climate Panel Says Coast, Midwest at Risk of Extreme Weather

Politico – New report warns climate change triggers extreme weather events

Dallas Morning News – House Science Chairman Lamar Smith puts climate change assessment on agenda

Inside Climate News – New York Times Dismantles Its Environment Desk

Nat. Journal – Obama Faces Dilemma on ‘Mother of All’ Climate-Change Regulations

WSJ – In win for oil, natural-gas industry, court reverses rule protecting polar bear habitat

Bloomberg – Corn Jumps as Feed Demand Eroding Drought-Reduced U.S. Supplies


NYT – On Scale of 0 to 500, Beijing’s Air Quality Tops ‘Crazy Bad’ at 755

Xinhau – First sparks of climate change seen in Australian infernos 

Global Post – French wine threatened by climate change

Daily Mail – Global warming stopped 16 years ago, Met Office report reveals: MoS got it right about warming… so who are the ‘deniers’ now?

IHT – Carbon Taxes Provoke Debate on Economic Impact

Guardian – Japan seeks to reverse commitment to phase out nuclear power

Wapo – Coldest weather in 28 years hits China

BBC – Beijing air pollution soars to hazard level

Guardian – Do Australia’s bushfires emit more carbon than burning coal?


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