Guardian Ed – US energy: state of (semi-) independence

Roanoke Times Oped – Katie Preston and Catherine Thomasson – Clarion call to address climate change

Nat Journal Ron Fournier Column – Guns, Debt, and Climate Change Give Obama Shot at Immortality

WSJ Oped – Johnston and Palti-Guzman: The Foreign Policy Uses of an Energy Bounty

Guardian Oped -Chiemi Hayashi – Perceived timings of economic crisis and climate change prevent action

Guardian Oped – Kumi Naidoo – governments must confront climate change in 2013


WSJ – Environmentalists Put Heat on Obama

Guardian – Barack Obama ‘seriously considering’ hosting climate summit

USAT – EPA head calls climate-change shift a proud milestone

Daily Beast – Chuck Hagel’s Career Shows He’s Not Afraid to Change His Mind

Wapo – U.S. oil imports are falling to their lowest level since 1987

NYT – Cash for Hay Driving Thieves to Move Bundles

WLS – Drought could reverse flow of Chicago River

NYT – Chinese Firm Buys U.S. Solar Start-Up

TIME – 2012 Was the Hottest Year in U.S. History. And Yes — It’s Climate Change


Toronto Star – Australian wildfires point to climate-change risks

NYT – Chinese Dam Builder Expands Reach in Solar Modules

WSJ – Canadian Pipeline Hits Slippery Patch

NYT – In India, Solar Ambitions Are Suddenly Outsize

New Zealand Herald – Tackling global warming head on


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