WSJ Ed – The Outrageous Sandy Outrage

Scottsbluff Star Herald Ed – Drought

New Yorker – Daily Comment – Alex Koppelman – The G.O.P.’s Sandy Problem

Skeptical Science Commentary – Dana Nuccitelli – Contrary To Contrarian Claims, IPCC Temperature Projections Have Been Exceptionally Accurate

NYT Ed – Al Jazeera in America

Fox News Opinion – Dan Gainor – Global warming guru Al Gore becomes rich hypocrite with sale of Current TV to Qatar, Inc.


WSJ – Environmental Groups to Seek Hold on Arctic Drill Permits

AP – Transocean, Justice Department reach $1.4B settlement over rig owner’s role in Gulf oil spill

Wapo – 2012’s surreal record warmth in the U.S.

Energy Collective – Bridge To Nowhere? NOAA Confirms High Methane Leakage Rate Up To 9% From Gas Fields, Gutting Climate Benefit

Wapo – The fiscal cliff deal helped wind power. But our wind policy is still insane.

NYT – The Wind Industry Gets to Draw  Another Breath

The Atlantic – Will Climate Change Alter the Geography of New York’s Public Housing?

Detroit News – GM: Volt sales tripled in 2012 


Live Science – Global Temperature Goals Could Become Impossible With Climate Inaction, Study Finds

Guardian – 2012 second wettest year on record for UK

Climate Central – Global Warming-El Nino Link Stronger but Still Not Proven

Reuters – Northern Gateway Pipeline May Still Pass Despite Opposition, Says Canada Natural Resources Minister


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