Wapo Ed – Congress gives out end-of-year perks to interest groups

LAT Ed – Joining the EPA’s war on soot

WSJ Ed – New York’s Fracking Phobia

NYT Ed – Hurricane Sandy Aid

Guardian Andrew Simms Column – How Olympic spirit can turn around the prospects of global warming

Media Matters Commentary – Brian Powell – The Oklahoman’s New Year Prayer For Cooler Temps Ignores Climate Change

Guardian Oped – Oliver Burkeman – Fiscal cliff fatigue? You’re not alone


NYT – Gas Drilling Is Called Safe in New York

WSJ – Exxon Delay Worsened Oil Spill: Probe

LAT – Gov. Jerry Brown wants to “calibrate” environmental rules

NY Post – Exit of EPA boss a protest

Wapo – From NASCAR to rum, the 10 weirdest parts of the ‘fiscal cliff’ bill

NYT – Some Breaks for Industries Are Retained in Fiscal Deal

Bloomberg – Wind Tax-Credit Extension Seen Driving Growth, Trade Group Says

Forbes – Wind Power Tax Credit Survives Fiscal Cliff Deal

AP – Berkshire Hathaway’s utility MidAmerican Energy buying 579 megawatts of Calif. solar power

Live Science – Frozen Alaska Bucking Global Warming Trend

Daily Climate – News Coverage of Climate Change Fell Further in 2012


Reuters – Cost of combating climate change surges as world delays: study

NYT – Al Jazeera Is Said to Be Acquiring Current TV

AP – Al-Jazeera buys Current TV from Al Gore

SCCV – Global warming: At current CO2 concentrations, sea level set to rise about 30 feet during the next few centuries

WSJ – A Novel Ship Extends Shell’s Reach

Toronto Star – Environment Canada survey asked Canadians about carbon tax, oil exports 

Deccan Herald – Ireland’s carbon tax pays big dividends


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