Orlando Sentinel Ed – U.S., state must confront reality of climate change

Contra Costa Times/Oakland Tribune Ed – Fracking rules need to protect water

Guardian – Richard Schiffman Column – Lisa Jackson’s legacy at the Environmental Protection Agency

WSJ Oped – Keith Mauck –  The EPA’s Tainted Fracking Tests

Patriot News Oped – Glen Retief – Climate Change is the Biggest Threat to American Six-Year-Olds


Men’s Journal – Will the West Survive?

WSJ – Renewable-Energy Tax Breaks Pass Despite Headwind

Radio Iowa – Drought battle leads to rock removal on Mississippi River

NYT – Rig Runs Aground in Alaska, Reviving Fears About Arctic Drilling

Wapo – Shell oil rig runs aground in Alaska


Radio New Zealand – NZ trees faster growth support global warming

Waterloo Record – Environment minister to axe renewable content requirement for home heating oil

Bloomberg – German Solar Ventures Outpace Goal as Projects Remain Profitable

Climate Central – Radiocarbon Dating: Nature’s Timepiece Gets a Tune-Up


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