TOP STORIES: Weekend Edition 12.15-16.12


New Yorker Opinion – Matthew McKnight – Political Scene: Will Obama Act on Climate Change?

NYT Robert Semple, Jr. Column – Doha: Weirdly Tame and Dispirited

Wapo Oped – Skip Stiles – The coastal conundrum

Wapo Oped -Justin Moyer- To save the oceans, zone them

The Independent – Steve Connor Column – Bid to heap blame on sunspots for climate change has backfired

Wapo Steve Mufson Column – To solve our debt problems, let’s sell Alaska

Wapo Ed – Blowing in the wind

NYT Ed – Sending Natural Gas Abroad

LAT Michael Hiltzik Column – PUC plan would put trust funds at risk

Austin Amer. Statesman Oped – Reese Halter: Global warming fatal to Earth’s trees

The Observer Oped – Lucy Siegle – Should I boycott gigs because of their massive carbon footprints?


McClatchy – New soot rules should reduce disease, health costs, EPA says

Wapo – EPA tightens soot rules by 20 percent

Guardian – Mississippi river faces shipping freeze as water levels drop

LAT – Climate change taken seriously by insurance industry, study says

Wapo – With U.S. awash in natural gas, why aren’t fuel bills falling?

NYT Sunday Mag – Welcome to Saudi Albany?

Guardian – Extreme weather more persuasive on climate change than scientists

WSJ – Ford Casts Doubt On Mileage Test

The Observer – Fracking offers a risky salvation for America’s hard-pressed heartlands 

High Country News – Can the oyster industry survive ocean acidification?

AP – Crop Insurance Juicy Target In Fiscal Cliff Deal

AP – Drought conditions deepen throughout the Carolinas 

Desert Sun – Homeowners, businesses are taking notice of solar

AP – Electric car firm led by McAuliffe didn’t provide details for Va. incentives


Mother Jones – The World Bank’s climate hypocrisy

Guardian – Imports drive up UK carbon emissions

Guardian – Landmark climate change report leaked online

 NYT – A Contrarian Spin on the Next Big Climate Report

SMH – Tiny solution for climate change shown to be a big waste of money



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