TOP STORIES 12.17.12


Jakarta Post Oped – Christiana Figueres – Climate change agreement is necessary, possible

Wilmington News Journal Ed – Global warming won’t wait for backers

WSJ Oped – Rbt Bryce – Harvard Needs Remedial Energy Math

Think Progress Oped – John Farrell – Get Ready, Utilities: Solar Is Coming

The Hill Oped – Paul Bledsoe – US must push Asia on climate


National Journal – A Secretary John Kerry Would Elevate Climate Issues

PolicyMic – What John Kerry’s Nomination for Secretary of State Means for America

Fox – Keystone XL critics now calling for more indepth climate change study

WSJ – Utilities Revisit Storm Plan

Bloomberg – California Utilities Say Solar Raises Costs for Non-Users

NYT – If Mercury Pollution Knows No Borders, Neither Can Its Solution

LAT – Radioactive hot spots remain at former site


Spiegel – Experts call for end to climate mega summits

AP – Oil rig arrives off central Cuba for shallower-water exploration by Russia’s Zarubezhneft

Hindu Business Line – 65% of air pollution deaths occur in Asia: Study

Australian – Disapproval of carbon levy rising: leaked poll

Business Spectator – How we survived the carbon tax

Guardian – Thousands more households could be in fuel poverty by Christmas


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