TOP STORIES 12.14.12


LAT David Horsey Column – Blind faith of climate change deniers endangers us all

Wapo Oped – Andrew Cuomo, Chris Christie and Dannel P. Malloy – We need Congress’s help on Sandy relief

NYT Roger Cohen Column – American Bull

LAT Ed – Keystone’s ‘dilbit’ problem

Guardian Connie Hedegaard Column – Why the Doha climate conference was a success

Wapo Oped – Susan Rice – Why I made the right call


Wapo – Can the Colorado River basin adapt to climate change?

Daily Beast – ‘Chasing Ice’ Director on Hurricane Sandy, & Waking Up to Global Warming

Daily Beast – How Government and Techno-Utopians Are Changing Energy

WSJ – Drought Starting to Show Up in Food Prices

NYT – Doctors Urge U.S. to Block Gas Export Terminals

LAT – Texas judge lifts order that halted work  on Keystone XL pipeline

AP – Rice Ends Bid for Secretary of State, and Fight With G.O.P.

AP – AP-GfK Poll: Belief in global warming rises with thermometers, even among science doubters. Full AP-GfK poll on climate change here

Bloomberg – Tougher Fracking Regulations Backed by 66%, Poll Shows


Guardian – Global warming is not due to the sun, confirms leaked IPCC report

NYT – No Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card on Sea Level

Times of India – Climate change deaths up 5-fold since 1970

Guardian – Shale gas: a burning carbon issue

NYT – Life Expectancy Rises Around the World, Study Finds

Daily Mail – The Amazon ‘could survive global warming’: Study claims its tree species have weathered warmer than the worst case scenarios


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