TOP STORIES 12.13.12


Poughkeepsie Journal Ed – Concerted effort needed on climate change

NYT Oped – David Crane & RFK, Jr. – Solar Panels for Every Home

Forbes Oped – Bob Inglis – A Conservative, Small-Government Strategy For Fighting Climate Change

The Hill Oped – Steve Trent – Climate change is a human rights issue too

Guardian John Vidal Column – Bangladesh’s climate compensation push a ray of light after dismal Doha


NYT – Climate Change Threatens Ski Industry, Leaving Slopes Bare

Stamford Advocate – Ski industry joins global-warming battle

LAT – Colorado River water supply to fall  short of demand, study says

NYT – Campus Divestment Fight Resonates in the East

Wapo – Plant hardiness zones and climate change

Bloomberg – Defeated Republican Preaches Heresy Backing a Carbon Tax

NYT – Energy Dept. to Underwrite 7 Wind Projects

AP – Indianapolis to replace fleet with electric, hybrid vehicles


Guardian – China and US hold the key to a new global climate deal

BBC – Deutsche Bank offices raided in carbon tax fraud probe

NYT – OPEC Leaves Production Quotas in Place

Guardian – Fracking for shale gas gets green light in UK

AP – Polish government advisor: keep using coal despite EU plan to switch to clean energy

NYT Dealbook Conf – Paul Krugman: ‘Chinese Growth Is A Wonderful Human Success Story That Could Kill Us All’

Guardian – Internal attitudes to climate change matter more, study suggests


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