TOP STORIES 12.12.12


WSJ Holman Jenkins Column – Good Will Fracking

NYT Mark Bittman Column – Pesticides: Now More Than Ever

SacBee – Dan Morain Column – Are California oil companies warming to carbon tax?

OpEdNews – John Horton – To Cut Carbon, Tax it

IBD Ed – Public Must Face True Cost Of Unreliable Renewables


Guardian – US intelligence community warns  of rising climate security threat

The Hill – Sen. Boxer announces plans to form ‘climate change caucus’

The Hill – Exxon isn’t pushing for carbon tax

Politico – ExxonMobil punches hole in carbon tax bubble

FT – Renewable energy seeks tax credit extension

NYT – Newspapers Can Argue to Open Records in Fracking Suit

Propublica – EPA Aquifer Exemptions For Injection Wells May Threaten Underground Drinking Water Supplies

Mother Jones – Van Jones on Obama: Climate will be the issue he is judged on


Londonist – Air Pollution Causing 6-9% Of Deaths In London

Jamaica Observer – Climate change risk management talks for Jamaica

Bloomberg – China Allocates $2 Billion of Solar Subsidies, Xinhua Says

Bloomberg – Softbank Plans Solar Power Generation Renting Japanese Residential Roofs

ZeeNews India – Kerosene lamps aid global warming

NYP – Orangutan seeks drought relief in Indonesia


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