TOP STORIES 12.11.12


Baltimore Sun Ed – Global climate talks stall — again

CSM Ed – Why latest failure of global warming talks may be a success

Forbes Oped – Elizabeth Ames Jones – Clearing The Air On Hydraulic Fracturing Laws In Texas

Guardian Michael Jacobs Column – The Doha climate talks were a start, but 2015 will be the moment of truth

Leavenworth Times Oped – Matt Nowak: Drought causes debate over river management


NYT – The Budding Health Care Costs of Climate Change

Wapo – Forecasters are optimistic about U.S. carbon emissions. Should they be?


NYT – U.S. Forecast as No. 2 Economy, but Energy Independent

Guardian – Can flex-fuel cars put US on the road to low oil prices?

Forbes – America’s 20 Dirtiest Cities

NYT – Drought and Economy Plague Sheep Farmers

NYT – U.S. Agricultural Research Is Faltering,  Report Warns

AP – Plan for aiding arid West includes idea for major water pipeline from nation’s midsection

NPR – What Do Aliens, Climate Change And Princess Di Have In Common?


Guardian – China’s economy to outgrow America’s by 2030 as world faces ‘tectonic shift’

Guardian – Doha climate gateway: the reaction

AP – Global Trends 2030 Predicts Water Struggles And Climate Change Challenges

Daily Beast – Plague or Plenty? New Report Envisions the World in 2030


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