TOP STORIES: Weekend Edition 12.8-9.12


Wapo Ed – Natural gas exports: A boon to the economy

Chi Trib Ed – When the river runs dry

McClatchy Oped – MICHAEL MACCRACKEN AND JAMES J. MCCARTHY – Obama wants to understand climate change? Listen to us and Sandy, too

NYT Charles Blow Column – Dinosaurs and Denial

LAT Joseph Serna Column – Little Hoover’s dim view of California’s energy future

Seattle Times Oped -Michael Lanza-  Climate change and the future of coastal communities

Daily Beast Oped – Bill McKibben – Hillary Clinton and Obama’s Dismal Record on the Environment

NYT Oped -LYDIA MILLET – The Child’s Menagerie

Wapo – Steven Pearlstein Column – With a natural gas tax, everyone can benefit 

Sac Bee Dan Morain column –  California oil companies may be warming up to a carbon tax

The Observer Oped – Andrew Rawnsley – The fracking dream which is putting Britain’s future at risk


Wapo – How much can the EPA cut carbon emissions? It depends on the courts.

CSM – Stubborn US drought could be costlier than hurricane Sandy 

AP – Corps not budging on drought relief for Mississippi River

Reuters – Obama seeks $60.4 billion for Sandy repairs, states want more

Palm Beach Post – At Jupiter summit: Experts say climate change will force rethink of coastal housing rules

Reno Gazette Journal – Group outlines climate change impact on winter sports

NYT – Warming Ski Slopes, Shriveled Revenues

Wapo – The natural gas revolution reversing LNG tanker trade

WSJ – Fisker Hires Investment Bank to Help Raise Funds

Forbes – Inside The Koch Empire: How The Brothers Plan To Reshape America

LAT – On environment, Obama likely to keep walking middle line

Slate – Scientists Ask Blunt Question on Everyone’s Mind

NYT – Proposed Rules on Fracking Gain Cautious Praise

AP – Drought revives war between states

LAT – EPA to review fuel-economy data for Ford Fusion, C-Max hybrids

LAT – Auto execs share insights on the industry and what’s next


Guardian – Smoke from Arctic wildfires may have caused Greenland’s record thaw

Guardian – Climate Change Talks Are On The Brink Of Total Failure

Guardian – Doha climate talks stall over draft text wording

Guardian – UN climate summit’s Qatari hosts under fire as talks drag on

Telegraph – Doha: Climate change deal limping towards ‘disappointing’ conclusion

NYT – Mighty Old Trees Are Perishing Fast, Study Warns

WSJ – Canada Approves Big Energy Deals

Guardian – Doha climate change deal clears way for ‘damage aid’ to poor nations

Wapo – Kyoto Protocol extended in contentious U.N. climate talks

NYT – Climate Talks Yield Commitment to Ambitious, but Unclear, Actions

BBC – Climate talks: UN forum extends Kyoto Protocol to 2020

Econ Times – UN Climate Change Negotiations 2012: Doha round marks beginning of a new global climate change regime

Reuters – Weakened typhoon set to make second landfall in Philippines


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